What’s behind the name?

The Collins English Dictionary defines complexity (complexities plural) as “something intricate or complex; complication”. The Similes Dictionary (1st Edition) describes it as a “difficulty”. 

All of these definitions describe the nature of the work we do at Complex Human Resources.  Workplace issues like harassment, violence, Human Right Code violations, employee misconduct, illegal drug use and trafficking, theft, fraud, bullying, toxic work culture, plummeting employee morale, and code of conduct/ethics infractions are complex, often wrought with legal issues, and difficult to manage.  They are time consuming and sometimes messy. 

Not everyone has the skill sets or time to resolve these issues. For some, it’s just not their “cup of tea”; they prefer to avoid the potential conflict situations associated with handling these types of issues. 

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you resolve these issues. That’s our expertise.

What can you expect from my post?

I can’t promise you that Complexities will be as sensational and titillating as a tabloid like the National Enquirer.  What I can promise you though is that I will employ the three Es in my posts:  educate, entertain and editorialize. 

I’ll educate on you on complex human resources issues and provide you with insight into some of the various tools and techniques you could employ to resolve them.

I’ll entertain you with real-life stories from the trenches to illustrate points and issues. I am a big movie fan and love the stories they tell and the numerous ways they entertain us. I am also a history buff and will provide you with historical connections or parallels wherever possible.

I will editorialize and give you my thoughts and opinions on issues dominating the news as they relate to the world of complex human resources issues.   

Last but not least, I like to have fun and laugh, not only at myself, but with others. I will attempt to weave my sense of humor into these posts. Hopefully, you will be able, at the minimum, have a chuckle and, at the maximum, a belly laugh. 

The schedule

I will publish Complexities once a week on Thursday. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Just for Laughs

I walk up to my friend, the private investigator…

Me:  Did you ever figure out that password you were trying to crack?  I never get to hear about your job.

Private Investigator:  It’s case sensitive. 

  • Courtesy Kappit

If you need help with complex workplace issues, you can reach me by email at complexhumanresources@gmail.com or by cell at 905-220-2343.